Journal of Language and Translation Studies (LTS) invites all researchers and scholars to contribute to the journal in such areas as language teaching, translation studies and foreign literature. The journal endeavors to advance knowledge and enrich research in the above disciplines and seeks to offer great opportunities for researchers to publish their original and high-quality studies. Journal of LTS highly encourages interdisciplinary studies, with areas such as sociology of language, neuroscience, language psychology, and so forth.

1-Psychology of Language Education (Psycholinguistics, Sociolinguistics, Cultural Linguistics, and so on)

A: Psychology of language:
•    Emotions and Language Learning
•    Emotional Intelligence and Language Learning
•    Emotioncy and Language Learning
•    Emotional Capital and Language Learning

B: Sociology of Language Education and Cultural Linguistics
•    Cultuling and Language Teaching
•    Identity and Language Teaching
•    Critical Analysis of Research Approaches towards Culturology of Language
•    Localizing Theories Concerned with Culturology of Language
•    Research Methods in Culturology of Language
•    Future Studies of Culture and Language Studies
•    Cultural Policy in Language Education
•    The Role of The Ministry of Education in Promoting Socio-cultural Excellence

2- Bilingualism and Language Learning
•    Bilingualism and Cognition
•    Bilingualism and Emotions
•    Bilingualism and Personality
•    Bilingualism and Communication
•    Bilingualism and Identity
•    Bilingualism and Senses

3- Cognitive Sciences and Language Education
•    Language Learning and Its Impact on the Brain
•    Approaches to Cognitive Education and Testing
•    Embodied Cognition (The Role of Body in Cognition and Language Learning)
•    Information Technology and Cognitive Education
•    Cognitive Approaches and Curriculum Studies
•    Aphasia and Brain Activities

4- Translation Studies
•    Translation and History
•    Audiovisual Translation
•    Translation Education
•    Translator Studies
•    Interpreting Studies
•    Non-professional Translation

5- Foreign Literature